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Summerlin Evangelical Lutheran Church
        Sunday Service - 9:00 AM
Bible Study:   Sunday morning at 10:15 AM
Sunday School -- 10:15 AM

Know, Grow Go
     We all have goals in life.  There are things we want to do and achieve.  The members of Summerlin Lutheran have goals as well.  They can be summed up with the words: Know, Grow, Go.
     Our first goal is to Know our Savior, Jesus Christ.  To Know Christ is much more than facts about him or to know that he existed.  To know Christ is to dig into God’s Word and to believe that what the Bible teaches Jesus did, he did for us.
     To know Christ, is to know that he offers love and forgiveness to imperfect people who have sin in their life.  That’s people like you and me. 
     Our goal is t
o know Christ in the way he reveals himself in his Word.

     A second goal of our congregation is to Grow in our faith and in our knowledge of Christ. 
     We Grow in our faith and knowledge of God  as we hear and study God’s Word in a worship service that focuses on what God has said to us, in Bible Study that digs into God’s Word, and in Sunday School which builds a foundation of God’s Word in children so that they can also grow in faith.
We have a number of opportunities to grow in God’s Word.  We have a Bible Basics Class for those new to our church, Bible Study and Mid-Week Bible Study for adults, Sunday School for youth and Catechism for preteens.

      Our final goal is to Go.  Faith in Jesus is not a one day a week exercise.  We don’t just have faith one day and then put it on a shelf for the rest of the week.  We want to put our faith into action every day of our lives. 
      We Go into our lives seeking to thank our Savior for what he has done in saving us from our sins. 
We thank our Savior by going about our daily life finding ways to put our faith into action by being loving, kind, honest and forgiving. 
      We go to share the news of Jesus’ love and forgiveness  in whatever ways we can.


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Sunday Sermons

LISTEN HERE:  A Day of Thanks to the Lord
Sermonettes 11/22/2017

November 19, 2017
Saints are Prepared for the Triumph
Matthew 25: 1-13

November 12, 2017
Be Built Up in the Word as You Build Others Up
1 Thessalonians 5:1-22 

November 5, 2017
What does the Reformation have to do with me?
Daniel 6: 10-12, 16-23


October 29, 2017
Reformation Service Sermonettes
The SOLAs of the Reformation


Sunday Sermon: October 22, 2017
God is Attached to us
Jonah 4: 5-8

Sunday Sermon: October 15, 2017
What do you think?
Matthew 21: 25-32 

Sunday Sermon: October 8, 2017
We Do Not Need to Be Afraid
A Sermon on the Promises of Our Savior to Protect Us


Sunday Sermon: October 1, 2017
We Forgive Because We Have Been Forgiven
Matthew 18: 21-35

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Sunday Morning Worship: 9AM
Sunday Morning Bible Study and Sunday School 10:15 AM

Summerlin Lutheran is a member of the WELS, the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod.  The WELS is the 3rd largest Lutheran church body in the nation with almost 400,000 members and 1200 congregations in the United States and serving missions in countries throughout the world.  We are a body of confessional Chrstians who join together to hear and study God's Word.  We do so to praise and thank our Savior for his gifts to us of forgiveness of sins and eternal life.  For more about the WELS click on the link here or above.