Summerlin Lutheran Church

Proclaiming the Truth of Christ

1911 Pueblo Vista Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89128


(702) 333-3046

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Sunday Service - 11:00 AM
Sunday Bible Class - 11:50 am


First Time Visitor

    What Can You Expect When You Visit Our Church?
First, you will probably see someone like you: young or old, confident or shy, just starting out or successful.  You will see people who have struggles like you, fears like you, joys like you.  You will also see a group of people who have sins like you do. 

This group of people has found a place where they can admit they are not perfect, they are not strong, they are not all together.  While they say that, they realize that they have a God and Savior who is perfect for them, who is strong for them and has the perfect plan for their life. 

Secondly, you will hear about that perfect God and Savior, who loves us.  As our logo suggests, our Lutheran heritage keeps us centered in the Bible's teachings.  You will hear Scripture every Sunday because it is God who directs our lives through his Word.  

Finally, you will worship that Savior for what he has already done for you and for all other people.  Worship is about our Lord and Savior, Jesus. Our service is constructed so that we focus on the work that Jesus has already done to take away the sins of the world and to win heaven for us. 

Our Christian family at Summerlin Lutheran who love to share the message of God's love for you shown in Jesus.  We invite you to come and be part of our worship and our family.  


Christ is the center of our lives as Christians.  Worship is the way that we praise and thank our Savior for what he has done for us.  Our worhsip contains several parts:

1.  The Liturgy:  The order of the service which we use to help us know what we are doing in worship and why we are doing it.
2.  Hymns:  Songs that contain Law and Gospel that centers our thoughts on the theme of the Sunday.
3.  Scripture Readings:  These readings from Scripture follow an order that helps us focus on different parts of God's Word throughout the church year.
4.  The Sermon:  Helps us focus on one portion of Scripture to see what our Savior has done for us and how we can live to thank him.

ESL for Adults

Our Classes:

Summerlin Lutheran Church is hosting ESL for adults.  This is a chance to practice English skills in a non-threatening, learning environment through phonics, conversation and reading. 

If you are interested please call our teacher Mr. Mark Sprengeler at (702) 254-5953 or (702) 582-0764 to schedule or for more information.

Our Teacher:
Mr. Mark Sprengeler has spent most of his life teaching English as a Second Language (ESL).  He spent 22 years in Hong Kong and is fluent in Cantonese.  He has a love for language and teaching.  


Christian love is a mark of a Christian congregation.  Our congregation is a family of believers.  We want to get to know our friends and visitors so that we can show that love.

We have a number of opportunities to join together for Christian fellowship with one another.

We also have a number of outreach opportunities in order to invite new people to join our worship and fellowship.


WELS is a group of more than 360,000 men, women, and children in nearly 1,300 congregations across the United States and Canada united by a common faith in Christ’s saving love. We are committed to a common calling—encouraging each other in our faith and sharing God’s gift of a Savior with the rest of the world.

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WELS’ Extended Family

WELS is united in fellowship, meaning one in doctrine, with the Evangelical Lutheran Synod in the U.S. and with more than 30 other Lutheran church bodies around the world as a member of the Confessional Evangelical Lutheran Conference.

More about the Evangelical Lutheran Synod

More about the Confessional Evangelical Lutheran Conference

Sunday Sermon

Every Sunday we center our message and worship on the Word of God.  Through the sermon we grow in faith and learn how to thank and praise our Savior.  The sermon is the highlight of the service.

If you would like to listen to the most current sermon, it is listed below.  Please clock on the link to either download a readable service or to listen to the message.  God bless!!

Audio Sermons

Sunday Sermon 5/31/2020


Sunday Sermon 5/17/2020

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Sunday Service Video --- You Tube 

Sermon Audio Only

Printed Sermon 

Worship Sheet

Bible Study Video  --- Genesis Ch. 11

Bible Study Sheet  --- Genesis Ch. 11


Sunday Sermon 5/10/2020

May 10, 2020  
Sunday Video Service   -- Youtube
Audio Sermon   
Printed Sermon   
Worship Sheet

Bible Study Video    
Bible Study Sheet 

Sunday Sermon 4/26/2020

Sunday Service Video --- You Tube 

Sermon Audio Only

Printed Sermon 

Worship Sheet

BIble Study Video  --- Genesis Ch. 3

Bible Study Sheet  --- Genesis Ch. 3