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Update on CCM
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May the favor of our Lord God rest upon us; establish the work of our hands for us --- yes, establish the work of our hands.  Psalm 90:17. 
Grace and peace to you, whom God has called to be his own, 
This prayer of Moses are words for us to think about.  Moses had a huge undertaking in leading the Israelites, yet, he realized without the Lord, his work was in vain.  He thanked the Lord for being with him to bless the work that he had in front of him, that he could not possibly do on his own. 
For 27 years, God has established the work of Summerlin Evangelical Lutheran Church.  The work of our church has been built upon God’s Holy Word.  That has been the center and focus of our ministry together for these 27 years. 
It is not work that we could do alone.  Throughout these years, God has graciously been with the leaders,  pastors, and congregation members to guide and direct and to bless and encourage.  God has used the work of sinful, ordinary people to spread his Word to the Northwest side of Las Vegas.  This is what God has blessed in his mercy, this is what he has established through the work of our church. 
God has been with us these 27 years, and as any congregation, Summerlin Lutheran Church has seen its share of blessings and challenges.  We have welcomed many new faces into our congregation.   Yet, we have also seen many church friends and family move on. 
We are blessed to offer the Word of God with the same doctrine and teaching that the church was started to preach and teach.  Yet, though we proclaim God’s eternal truth, we have less people who are members of our congregation and who attend our weekly Sunday service and Bible Study to grow in the Word.
We are blessed to have a core number of members who come regularly to the Lord’s house to hear and study his Word.  Yet, many in this core group are past retirement age.
We are blessed to have a beautiful church facility that we can and do use to praise our Lord and Savior.  Yet, there are costs to operate and maintain this beautiful facility. 
We are blessed by thank offerings that are given to the Lord on a regular basis that cover most of the costs of operating our church.  These offerings are blessings from the Lord.   We need them to do any ministry at our church.  Yet, we have found that the thank offerings we are collecting are not sufficient to cover 100% of the costs to maintain and operate the church.   
We have the blessings of several special gifts that have been given over the years that have covered the shortfall  between offerings and costs.  Yet, those gifts will not last forever.
Our blessings have been many.  We praise the Lord for his goodness over these 27 years.  However, we also have some challenges.  The Council would like address these challenges as follows.
The Council would like to address our ministry with a new direction and perspective.  After discussion with the Ministry Team, the Church Council has enlisted the help of Crossroads Consulting Ministries (CCM)  in order to help us evaluate our ministry and begin to move in a direction that will address our challenges in a God-pleasing way.
On Sunday, January 27, we will have an abbreviated church service.  Pastor Elton Stroh, the lead consultant of Crossroads Consulting Ministry will present the program and the blessings it might bring to our congregation during a 2 part seminar.  The seminar will last until about 2:00 PM.  Lunch will be provided. 
The Church Council is asking EVERY MEMBER of Summerlin Lutheran Church to:
1.  Be aware of our blessings
2.  Take note of our challenges
3.  Pray to God for his continued blessings on our congregation
4.  Set aside time to be at the CCM seminar on January 27
5.  Set aside time a week or two later for further discussion at our Open Forum/Voter’s Meeting
6.  Take a personal interest in addressing the challenges that lie ahead.
May God bless us as we are proactive in assessing our ministry, the blessings and challenges that we have, and our efforts in furthering the ministry God has given us at Summerlin Lutheran Church.
Over the next few weeks you may be contacted directly by a member of our congregation, or by several members of the congregation, asking you for feedback or to answer any questions you may have.  Please take this time to think and pray about how you may help. 
You may also contact the church council directly with any questions you might have.
Mr.  Chuck Ochsner     (702) 823-5498
Mr.  Mark Boehringer  (605) 545-1919
Mr.  Eric Braun            (608) 385-3558
Mr.   Duane Meyer       (702)  239-3439
In this and everything else, we ask the Lord to bless us and the work of our congregation.  May the favor of our Lord God rest upon us; establish the work of our hands for us --- yes, establish the work of our hands.  Psalm 90:17. 

The Church Council of Summerlin Lutheran Church