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Update on CCM
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At our Open Forum/Voter's Meeting in February of 2018, the congregation voted to continue with Phase 2 of Crossroads Consulting Ministry.  This is a a great blessing that has the potential to help us in many ways.  To continue with the program we need to raise the funds necessary to pay for Phase 2, and if possible, Phase 3.  

Dear members of Summerlin Lutheran Church,
Grace and peace to you from our Lord Jesus Christ.  We are at a very important stage in the history of our church.   Every church has times when they need to reassess their ministry and adjust that ministry accordingly.  We feel strongly that we are at one of those stages in our congregation where we have to assess our ministry and adjust that ministry according to the needs of the congregation. 
We began this process with Phase 1 of Crossroads Consulting Ministries in late January.  Pastor Elton Stroh held a seminar which laid out the basis of the Crossroads program for assessment and planning. 
During our February Open Forum meeting, our Voter’s decided that we should move ahead with Phase 2 of the program.  This Phase will address our congregation, our current ministry and ministry area. 
Phase 2 will last between 4-8 months and will cost $4000 plus expenses.  We are expecting the cost to be about $5500 after expenses.  Phase 3, if adopted, will be a similar cost. 
We feel the benefit of this program is well worth the cost. 
How will we pay for it?
We are filled with a sense of urgency to identify a path of ministry that we can pursue.  We see the need for our congregation to take part in the Great Commission to share the Gospel with the world.  We want to energize and encourage our own members to take part in this exciting work of God.    We hope you feel that urgency for our congregation and for the Lord too.
We currently do not have $5500 in the budget to cover the expected cost of Phase 2, nor an additional $5500 for the additional Phase, if adopted.    The congregation could draw on its reserves, however, that would mean that we would draw down those funds that we can use in other ways.
We are asking that the congregation fund this effort through a special offering.  If we all work together in this effort we are convinced that we can do more than we expect is possible. 
We ask every member of Summerlin Lutheran Church to consider giving an offering of thanks to fund this exciting and vital planning opportunity.
If you have any questions concerning this letter, or the CCM program, please contact any of the church council members listed below.
        Chuck Ochsner           Mark Boehringer        Erik Braun             Mark Osterberg              Duane Meyer
          Chairman                  Vice- Chairman             Treasurer                  Trustee                              Elder